How to Defrost Chicken

Thousands of people every year contract food poisoning from chicken. This is normally the result of incorrectly defrosting your chicken. Below is a quick guide on how to safely defrost your chicken whilst avoiding food poisoning altogether.

Defrost Chicken in the Fridge

This is by the safest and easiest way to defrost chicken but it isn’t the quickest method. Simply place the chicken in a large bowl to catch any water that might leak out of the bag and place it in the fridge.

As a rough guide expect the chicken to take atleast 5 hours to thaw out completely. If you are trying to defrost something much larger, for example, an entire chicken then be prepared to wait a little longer.

As a general rule you can expect 1 pounds (500 grams) of chicken to take 5 hours to defrost. The average chicken could take nearly 24 hours to defrost in the fridge. So plan your meals ahead!

Defrost Chicken In the Sink

Thawing your chicken in the sink is very similar to the fridge method above. I like to place the chicken in a zip lock bag and then place that in a bowl or saucepan. Then fill the container with water so the chicken is completely submerged. This helps prevent any possible contamination that might occur.

However please make sure you do not use hot water this can encourage bacteria growth. So please. Use cold water only.

This method is significantly quicker than the fridge method. You can expect to thaw 1 pound of chicken in around an hour. Depending on the climate and how hot your house is.