Safety Measures for Defrosting Chicken

If you want to keep raw chicken breast to cook later, then you do not only need to know about how to defrost chicken and to frost it.

Understanding methods to defrost chicken still do not enough. It is because if you defrost the chicken appropriately, the chicken meat will contain many dangerous bacteria.

So, beside of understanding about how to frost and how to defrost chicken, what other things that you should know and consider about?

To ensure you safety from preserving meat, especially chicken meat, you should consider some factors too when defrosting and frosting it.

Do you want to know about those important factors? If you do, you can dig it through this article.

4 Important Factors That You Need to Consider When Defrosting Chicken Meat

As we have said to you, understanding about how to defrost chicken meat will not give guarantee that you will be able to keep having healthy chicken meat.

To ensure your safety when preserving food with frosting method, you also need to consider these 4 factors, especially when you want to defrost it:

  1. It is crucial to wash your hand before and after touching raw chicken meat.

Washing your hand before and after handling the raw chicken meat is important thing to do. Washing your hand before touching the raw meat will reduce the chance of meat contamination happen.

Moreover, washing your hand after handling raw meat also important to ensure you will not contaminate the other thing in your kitchen. Remember, raw meat is having many bacteria.


  1. Do not frost a whole chicken meat.

Many people think that they will safe time when frosting a whole chicken meat. Unfortunately, frosting a whole chicken meat is not safe at all.

It looks effective for saving your time, but frosting a whole chicken meat will increase the chance of the meat to get contamination. Remember, the bigger the meat you preserved, the bigger chance it will contaminate with bacteria.

  1. Do not defrost chicken meat in room temperature.

A raw chicken meat is having many bacteria inside. That is why, it is better to defrost it properly.

Defrosting raw chicken meat in the room temperature is very dangerous. It is because that defrosting method will increase the sum of bacteria inside of the raw meat.

That is why; understanding about how to defrost chicken is not giving guarantee that you will have healthy raw meat.


  1. Keep your kitchen area clean.

If you often preserve the raw meat with frosting method, then we suggest you to maintain your kitchen cleanliness.

Clean kitchen is very important to ensure that your raw meat will not contaminate with bacteria when being defrosted or frosted.

The Best Thing to Ensure Your Raw Chicken Does Not Contaminate with Bacteria

Actually, beside of understanding about how to defrost chicken, it is also important to know about how to keep your raw meat from bacterial contamination.

The best way to keep bacteria away from your raw meat is with cooking it. With turning your raw meat into cooked one, you will reduce the chance of that meat get contamination.